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  • The Role of 3-D CBCT in Endodontics (#252)

    by admin 1 Lessons in $40.00

    This article discusses the important role that 3-D CBCT technology can play in benefiting both the clinician and the endodontic patient. Learning Objectives: Identify the 6 technological “eye openers” that have made endodontic treatment outcomes more predictable. Know the role that 3-D CBCT can play in endodontic diagnosis. Understand why certain treatment decisions can be […]

  • Broken Instrument Removal: The Endodontic Challenge (#246)

    by admin 1 Lessons in $40.00

    This article focuses on the importance of coronal and radicular access; describes ultrasonic and adjunctive removal techniques; and details 3 novel emerging methods that improve safety, efficiency, and simplicity when removing intracanal obstructions. Learning Objectives: Know the factors that influence broken instrument removal. Understand the importance of coronal access and the parameters for radicular access. […]

  • Apical Lesions: Diagnostic Considerations (#243)

    by admin 1 Lessons in $20.00

    This course presents multiple clinical case reports that demonstrate some of the diagnostic possibilities for periradicular radiolucency. Learning Objectives: Understand why it is important to consider different etiologic possibilities when seeing a dark spot on a radiograph Know what the expected healing time is for a periradicular radiolucency (PRRL) to demonstrate resolution. Understand the relationship […]

  • Endodontic Treatment Advances: Apical Cleaning and Apical Shaping Limits (#242)

    by admin 1 Lessons in $40.00

    This article discusses the importance of correctly determining (1) the apical cleaning limit to clean the canal, and (2) the shaping limit in order to keep the obturation in a biologic level for periapical healing. Learning Objectives: Be able to describe the apical cleaning working length and apical shaping limit Learn the techniques for determining […]

  • The Infamous MB2 Canal: How to Find and Treat It (#241)

    by admin 1 Lessons in $40.00

    This article will explain why the MB2 canal is important, where it is located, and how to treat it. Learning Objectives Understand why it is important to treat the MB2 canal Know how often the MB2 canal is present and where it is located Understand the visualization and treatment protocols for the MB2

  • Clinical Tips for Instrumenting Calcified Canals (#238)

    by admin 1 Lessons in $40.00

    In this article, the reader will learn about the proper armamentaria and fundamental clinical protocols critical to successfully instrument calcified canals. This article is peer reviewed and available for 2 hours of CE credit. Learning Objectives: After reading this article, the individual will (1) be able to identify why illumination and magnification are both critical […]